Climbing the Dinosaur

there is a small hill in highland park that monica and i refer to as “dinosaur mountain” whenever we drive past it.  it’s not the biggest hill in the area, but it has a perfect roundness and is dotted with trees in a way that makes it easy to imagine as a grass-covered, sleeping dinosaur’s back.

the other day, just as we were about to take a late lunch break, we spontaneously decided it was time to get out of the house. we packed a picnic and figured we’d find out how to get to the top of the dinosaur.

after driving around the base of it for a while, we finally found a sort of rough overgrown trail that started at a dead-end drive behind an apartment building.  there were branches and spider webs across the trail that seemed to indicate nobody had been up there in a while.

once we got to the top, we took in the expansive view of highland park and enjoyed our picnic.  the food tasted particularly good up there on the dinosaur’s back.

we watched a fuzzy butt beetle march around for a bit and then we meditated while breathing in the crisp air.

before we left, we decided to explore the perimeter to see if there were any easier trails leading up that we had missed.  we didn’t find any, but what we did find was this cool abandoned treehouse.

actually, it’s more like a ground fort with treehouse aspirations. i was happy to see that it was constructed like a good fort should be, haphazardly out of scrap wood, two-by-fours and a cannibalized foosball table.

my favorite part was this huge, comical hole that had been smashed in as if somebody fell from the ladder and through the roof of the fort.



  1. There’s a hill in Mt. Washington that I explored once with Rudy & Graham. All we found were broken 40 oz. bottles and dirty underwear. You and Monica are magically lucky to find a not at all scary tree-fort. I find only darkness in the world….

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