Making a Fake Record for Sonny Smith

i first heard sonny smith on a great compilation called Frisco Styles in 2003.  his song, ‘milk cow’ stood out as one of my favorites. when his album, Fruitvale came out a few years later, i enjoyed it so much that i went out and tried to track down some more of his recordings. these ended up being a little difficult to find, but i finally ended up buying some older out-of-print stuff off on ebay. i get kind of obsessive about music.

so you can imagine my excitement when i got an email from sonny telling me about a collaborative art show that he was putting together!

turns out sonny invited my friend mark todd to be in the show, and mark then told sonny that i was a fan and had introduced him to some of sonny’s music. of course i jumped at the chance. it’s a great idea for a show, and i’m honored to be a part of it.

here is the description of the project and art show:

100 Records is a dauntingly ambitious project that bridges Sonny Smith’s interest in art, music and dramatic form. Smith invited 100 artists to produce artwork for the record covers of fictional bands. Smith concocted the personas of all 100 fictitious bands, then wrote and recorded two hundred songs (the A side and B side) for each. On display at the gallery will be all the original album artwork as well as a jukebox that plays all two hundred songs recorded by Sonny Smith and other notable musicians.

here’s my record cover. the artist i got was Versatile Kyle with the songs ‘get some control’ and ‘are you a believer in love?’ unfortunately, i turned my artwork in a little too late to have it included in the box set, but it will still be in the show!

100 Records opens at Gallery 16 this Friday, April 9th.



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