Highland Park Carnival Break

last thursday we went out for a run and discovered that the carnival was coming to town! we vowed to come back after it was all set up, when we would most likely really need a break from working on the installation.

we went back early that sunday and ran around like a couple of goofy kids laughing and pointing at everything. we realized that we really needed to come back again at night to see it all lit up. i tested out a cheapy video app for my iphone that ended up with some wobbly and choppy results, which i sorta love. when we got home, it all reminded me so much of one of my favorite roger miller songs, the tom green county fair, that i had to sit down and edit the results into this video:

monica brought her camera too and took these beautiful and eerie photos.


One comment

  1. sammy

    I listen to that roger miller song every morning.

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