Coloring Books For the Twins

a few weeks ago souther & i planned a trip to santa barbara to visit his sister hava, her husband tadd and their 2 year-old twins loen & derby. hava had mentioned that she was having trouble finding simple coloring books for the twins so we decided to make some as a special present for the babies!

we each drew 6 drawings (our theme was creatures), scanned them and printed them out on some old school paper souther had. we drew the cover together too and bound them with colored book binding tape. i think they turned out pretty nice.

the twins are nicknamed the tadpoles (because of dad tadd).

loen, derby, hava & tadd riding on a gigantor elephant.

loen kept calling the apple “monkey”.


we had a great weekend with family. we went undercover avocado-picking, souther’s mom lisa made hong kong style crab cakes (i looove crab cakes!) & baby bok choy for dinner and we set up the projector outside and watched The Invention of Lying in the balmy weather.

i loved waking up to the twins too. they have so much energy in the morning – running around and climbing on everything and derby seems less shy and much more talkative then. breakfast was yummy quiche, biscuits with jam and cinnamon buns.

before we left, the twins decided to break in their new coloring books.

derby ended up being more interested in his whistle.



  1. The coloring books didn’t turn out “pretty nice”. They turned out a word I am not to say any more that ends in ing awesome!

  2. ally

    those are cute! you should market them. adore!

  3. Angela

    Amazingly awesome and special. Nice work.

  4. monica

    lol tadd!
    thank you ally and angela! 🙂

  5. Tamie (Mima T)

    The coloring books are wonderful, what a clever idea and gift.

  6. Tamie (Mima T)

    Forgot to mention the glasses on one of the tadpoles, to cute.

  7. Maude

    I want a coloring book for my son! These are really amazing!!! You should post them on your etsy page…

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