The Day We Learned to Fly

i forgot how much fun it is to make a new zine! in the end, the hours of printing, cutting, folding, and collating all feel worth it when you have a finished copy to finally hold in your hands.

1st layer of gocco printing for the covers

pre-folding the centerfold page

inking up the 2nd gocco screen

making a test print (in my sketchbook)

2nd layer

monica the zine elf binds the books with magic thread…the thread kept breaking in the machine so she used it instead to punch holes and hand-stitched the rest with love and dedication

numbering the insert

if you would like a copy, they are available in my little etsy shop, here!



  1. It looks amazingly cool, Souther.

  2. I was so excited by the end of this entry, hoping that you’d have them for sale, and you do!
    Thanks for the hard work. I can’t wait for it to come in the mail!

  3. they’re gorgeous, souther! and beautiful stitching monica, that takes alot of patience and love. (:

    I just bought a copy from etsy yesterday and can’t wait for it to come in!

  4. It looks super-fun! Any chances they will be available again? :x)

  5. oh! and I didn’t know my silly emoticon would become an angry emoticon….!

  6. haha, i kinda liked the angry version! well, the edition is finished, but i did leave a handful at some events, so if i get any of those back there is a chance i can list those last few copies on etsy.

  7. Hey Souther,
    This zine looks awesome! I’m bummed that I missed it!

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