Alejandro and the Idea Machine (Time Lapse)

the bad news: my computer crashed and i hurt my back.

the good news: i got a new computer and put together this time lapse video while stuck in bed.

the details are kinda small, but if you watch the video full screen you can see ’em a leetle better.



  1. Loved seeing the process ❤ And loved seeing the details at the end – the materials you used that inspire delight in me. Thanks for what you do!

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  3. Moo

    WOW! A lot of interesting details. Especially loved the little creatures representing ideas (at least I thought they did). The light bulb balloons floating up…wonderful analogy :)…and also the fact that the guy is actually a monkey with a tie! The time-lapse video doesn’t convey how well-thought out and intelligent this was. Wonder how long it took you-I’m judging two days by the change of shirt? Anyway, I would have loved to experience this sculpture first-hand…it’s like a big simultaneous story. Loved it!

  4. thanks for the nice comment. well, it took 2 days to assemble it all in Switzerland, but it took months of creating all the pieces prior to that.

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