The Greatest Adventure

i wasn’t sure if we should post this on our blog..but, well, this is the kind of news i want to shout from the mountaintop. yesterday, monica and i got engaged. i struggled out of bed, with my injured back and took her to the top of dinosaur mountain, where we had once discovered the old abandoned treehouse, among pepper trees, lizards and hummingbirds, and i asked her to be my wife.

times have been pretty tough lately, so until i can afford a ring, i made one for her out of a flower, like robin hood. we had a picnic by the treehouse, of tuna sandwiches, grapes & strawberries, a caprese  salad, and “leung cha” (cool tea). afterwards we walked around, and it almost seemed like the earth was presenting us with gifts–i found a tiny, hatched egg shell, and monica found a dried seedpod perfectly shaped like a boat. my head is still swimming and i am dizzy with happiness and feel like my heart could explode at any minute.



  1. Emily Mechtenberg

    Souther! You are too sweet. I’m so excited for both of you. Two lucky, lovely people.

  2. Patricia

    Congratulations! What a cute story.

  3. jillian

    filled with light! congratulations

  4. meredith

    Congrats!!! Miss you too already!

    • meredith

      i meant “two”. i didn’t mean to imply that you guys missed me already and i was agreeing with you.

  5. That was one of the best engagement rings I’ve seen…it shined brighter than any diamond in memory. Congratulations, you two lovely kids.

  6. This is so beautiful Souther.

  7. jamz

    i’m a fan. my deepest congrats.

  8. Souther, we have yet to meet mate, but congratulations and all the best. You take care of Choybot, you hear?!

  9. i’ll do my best, Will!

  10. Simone

    Awww Suver… ” be my wife.” Congratulations. Good job roping her in. Now get your move done so I can move my stuff into the garage apartment.

  11. Really nice idea, congrats guys. Nice rocks Monica 😉

  12. how romantic. congratulations!

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