Yard Sale

we had a big moving sale this past weekend to try and clear out some odds and ends before we officially start packing. it was a lot of work, but we found homes for a lot of our little treasures and got to spend the whole weekend in the sun with friends, fresh lemonade & cookies, homemade tacos and lots of critters.

there is a bus stop right next to our place and a bus driver actually pulled over (with her bus full of passengers) to shop at our yard sale!

gary baseman came by too and signed our copy of Cranium so it would be more collectible. he picked up some old children’s books souther’s been collecting.

our neighbor alice has been caring for some stray kittens. this one is my favorite. he’s the runt and she named him golem.

all in all, i think we lightened our packing load quite a bit this weekend!  also clearing out some items from storage on etsy. more to come!

on sunday, souther’s mom & brother came into town. they were transporting some old 20s circus costumes for a new feature film, Water for Elephants.

showing off her new bwana spoons dekline shoes.

trying not to laugh as we tried on some of the costume hats. they had fake bangs!



  1. alex

    so rad!!! I need those head pieces 🙂

  2. susie g

    where are you moving?!

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