Life is a Scream

agghhhhhh, we have been wanting to update this thing for a long time!!! the summer exploded with adventures and we kept talking about sharing some of the photos and stories of them and our new place, but then it was always too nice outside and neither of us wanted to sit down at the computron when we could be out chasing katydids or rafting down the river.

we’ll do sort of a big messy catch-up post soon, but for now here are 3 time-sensitive announcements that are burning a hole in our pocket (actually one of them is kinda too late already).

1. MONSTER SHOW FIVE at Domy Books in Austin and Houston

this is the one that’s kinda too late already. i’m ashamed that I didn’t post this on time because russell, the guy behind domy is a cool guy and an old penpal of mine going way back to when i was 15 in the old fashioned days of zine catalogs and snailmail swaps. and he used my art for the postcard. i didn’t have a chance to make a costume this year, but if I did, it would probably have been a cross between that praying mantis at the top and the ghoulie in the bottom right.

drawing #2: clifford and the wild behemoth of applesauce junction

show details and availability info:

2. LIFE IS A SCREAM: monica and i have been listening to spooky music all month and we decided to put together a little mix. here is a link to the mix on rapidshare:

…i’m not sure if we did this right, but as far as i can tell sometimes it takes a few attempts to make the free download activate. if there’s a better way to do this, please let us know so we can do it right next time. halloween is already 1/2 way over so download this asap! it will increase your haunting powers by 12%. when you are done listening to it, bury your headphones in the shadow of the willow tree with 3 lizards tails and wait for the next full moon. you will then have the power of turning persimmons into bicycles. they will be tiny bicycles. you can do this for up to 3 bicycles. then you should probably give them to those lizards that you stole the tails from.

3. last but not leeeeeast, PATTERN RECOGNITION opens up at Subliminal Projects in los angeles next weekend, nov 6th from 8-11pm. it’s a 5 person show featuring me, seonna hong, dalek, nikki mcclure, and rich coleman. if you can’t make it opening night, the show runs from nov 6th – dec 4th.

i’m very excited about this show, and in fact i am finishing little detailed things for it right now in my head as i type this. it’s been roughly a million years since i showed some new work in LA.

i will be there all week setting up, and am going to be recreating the alejandro installation that i showed in switzerland with monica’s help. and new paintings and drawings of course. if you are in the neighborhood, please come by and say hi. it’s funny but i never realized how many people i sort of ran into here and there while living in LA.  i hope some of those random collision acquaintances show up too, because i miss that.


One comment

  1. kat

    Hi just wanted to say that i love your work! and wanted to let you know I featured your work in the inspiration section of my website,

    Thank you 🙂

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