The First Painting

(click image to see extra large)

Here is the first painting I finished for the show; also titled, “You Come Too.” The main image was something I had in mind for a while – one character reaching out his arm to invite the other to come along. I guess you could say it’s us, although I don’t own a hat like that. Or a dinosaur.

Where does the dinosaur fit in? I’m really not sure.  Maybe it’s because we like to use our imaginations. Maybe it’s because we both thought of a little shabby hill as “Dinosaur Mountain” (the place I asked Monica to marry me).  Maybe it’s because we like going to natural history museums together. Maybe it’s all of those things. The characters don’t have very much packed, just some arrows for survival and one bag each.

In the distance is a busy city skyline. We left Los Angeles behind last year, driving through the open land between Southern California and the Central Valley, low sloping hills, windmills, telephone poles, a stray horse, water towers, the kind of things you always seem to see when you drive some distance from one place to the next.

We now live in a little house on the Tuolomne river. We know all the cats and raccoons and study the different animals and trees and insects that populate the river area during different times of the year. We keep an eye out for nests, foxes, river otters–the rarer things to spot.

We look out our window and watch Popcorn (the little white cat) explore and wrestle with Satchel (a young feral black cat). Satchel’s dad, “Paco,” an older tomcat abandoned by previous owners, is often seen wandering around as well. Popcorn seems to get into a lot of mischief. He returns home at the end of the day covered in mud and spiderwebs, his collar missing.

The riders are heading towards some sort of portal.  I had this urge last summer to try to understand string theory and quantum physics, but the more I read, the more my mind wandered off into all of the 11 dimensions.  I wanted to draw portals into these dimensions. I think about the changes in my own life, going through big transitions where  the future is unknown, and all I can see is the portal.  To see the other side, I have to step through it.


  1. Really like the story behind the work! looks amazing man.

  2. This is amazing. I would like to see it live.

  3. Kelly Newcomer

    My son Everett is really into portals. He read about them in Calvin and Hobbes or maybe saw it on Phineas and Ferb. LOVE the portals.

  4. Angela

    I like how Popcorn’s tail looks like a baguette in that last shot.

  5. Curiously, my name is Monica Choy too, and I am an artist TOO !
    Love your painting !!!

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