Hidden Keys

My nephew always wants me to play this game with him, where he asks me to draw a picture and then hide keys in it for him to find. I’m not sure where he got that idea from, but he loves finding those hidden keys. Meanwhile, late last summer, this very magical looking key appeared on our deck. Here is Popcorn inspecting it.

I think one of the raccoons must’ve brought it, since they love shiny things. When my nephew saw the key, he got really excited. (Apparently, his new robot toy was stealing trees from around our house and shrinking them down to nothing, and this magic key was the only thing that could reverse the damage.) ┬áHere are a few keys I’ve hidden in the pieces for this show.


  1. man, what i wouldn’t have given to have an uncle who could draw for me! (i have one who used to build crazy bikes with things like extra wheels and couches mounted on the front, but i think hidden keys are even better.) i’ll keep my eyes peeled for keys at your show here in new york this week (i’ve never seen your work in person, but i’ve been a fan for years)!

  2. Angela

    Oh man, oh man! This is amazing!

  3. That’s cool! I did a “find-the-keys” drawing a few years ago: http://danmoynihan.blogspot.com/2010/01/keys-overboard.html

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