we recently went to our local printer, Park’s Printing in Modesto to get two off-set lithograph posters made of souther’s paintings, The Lion is Awake & The Disappearing Treehouse.

for the press check, we went behind the scenes in their print shop to check colors and see their process. everything is computerized nowadays, so it’s very easy to adjust color levels and also to set the levels so if we needed to reprint the posters years from now, they would still look identical.

the paper passes through each of these CMYK presses that holds a different color ink. the last station is for special inks (metallics, etc). 

the final product; ready to go through the paper trimmer.

look for the posters in the Etsy shop!


  1. Those are gorgeous. I have no hope of being able to afford them, but I’m still going to go find out. GORGEOUS.

  2. Okay, I’ve been and Wow. Affordable. Amazing.

  3. I agree inexpensive and beautiful!

  4. Leao

    Can you do some A0 super enormous prints? Think it loses something by being so small. I’d like a super sized one for my wall if it’s not expensive.

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