We Made It!

The Trading Tortoise tour is going to happen! A great big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed, shared, and offered us encouragement. All funds we raise from now until the end of our Kickstarter (May 5) will go towards adding more stops to the tour.


  1. Please come to Minneapolis!

  2. This is such a fabulous idea! I only have $0.66 in my bank account right now, so I cannot contribute today or for the rest of April, but I wanted to give you guys a big “hell yeah!” for this project. How totally unique and totally appealing. I can’t wait to see the documented journey’s of each piece.
    Rock On
    Love & Light
    Brandi H

  3. Baltimore would love to have you! The Metro Gallery (http://themetrogallery.net/) would be a perfect spot for the amazing tortoise, and it’s in walking distance to the art schools. Or, come for Artscape (http://www.artscape.org/) which is the largest free arts festival in the U.S. Regardless, we would love to see you and could find a way to host you too. All the best on this adventure!

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