Packed up and on the Road

Whoo-whee, what a crazy three weeks it’s been!

We put almost our whole life in storage, moved out of our apartment, brought the boys to Grandpa Choy’s house and hit the road for Toronto.

Treats for the boys so they’ll behave while we’re gone.

We did the drive in 4 and a half days, which turned out to be a slightly crazy endeavor. The last part of the trip we drove for 29 hours straight (sleeping and driving in shifts) when we realized that we needed to get to Toronto the next day. It was an exciting start to our adventure, but we rolled into Canada like a couple of zombies. Here’s some pictures from our drive through the middle of the States, along Interstate 80.

Souther’s portable work station for making art on the road.

In Ogallala, NE we came across the Petrified Wood Gallery¬†built around the collection of twin brothers Harvey & Howard Kenfield. Howard was there and showed us how he and his brother would take large pieces of petrified wood and split them into tiny little pieces to make into miniature buildings. They’d also collect broken arrowheads and make mosaics out of them. Amazing.

To Canada!

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