about us

The Disappearing Treehouse is Souther Salazar & Monica Choy. These are our adventures, discoveries, creations, and musings. We live in a treehouse with our two cats in Central California.

photo by brigitte sire


  1. Hello lovely bloggers,

    **I couldn’t find your e-mail so I’m sending this through the comments&&
    I got an email in my mailbox from Minitoko{ http://blog.minitoko.com } that I had won a Lovely blog award. Of course I was willing to accept it and pass it on to 15 others, which of course includes you :)!
    I chose you because of your wonderful blog that gives me a lot of inspiration.
    More information on my blog {http://goldengems.blogspot.com/}. I hope you like it :)!


  2. kat

    Hi, i wanted to you let you I love your work and have featured you in my blog at http://www.heartmixtures.com

    Keep up the wonderful, colourful work!

  3. I discovered your work through today’s Drawn magazine story…. All I have to say is that your work is like self-installing software. I look at lot’s of art and I have not been moved by anyone’s brilliance the way I have with yours. You are amazing! Keep it up! Thank you for gifting us with your talent.

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