One of the themes that rose to the surface while working on this show was nesting, or “Nidifying,” a word my brother recently informed me of, which means: “to build a nest.” It was not a conscious decision at all, which is surprising after I realized how many things I drew, painted or constructed for this show that were nest-related.

I’ve built a couple of nest sculptures in the past, but it’s been a while. There are some very obvious reasons why nests are suddenly on my mind again. 1. Monica discovered a small collection of nests at the flea market (for 2 bucks!) right before we moved up here, and I’ve had them displayed around my studio.

2. We’ve observed some beautiful ones in the past year, from the Swan’s nest in Switzerland to the Red-tailed hawks’ in our backyard.

Even Satchel has her own little nest:

3. Lastly, I guess you could say we’ve been doing some nesting of our own.


  1. Just be careful with Satchel, keep her indoors when litle birds come out of the nests. Cats eat milions of wild birds every year.

  2. Your nests are wonderful.

  3. chris g

    These updates are really nice!

  4. Angela

    Oh crap that didn’t translate, but you get the idea.

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